Our Ragdoll Queens

RainbowRagdolls Lila of Gentletouch

Lila came to us from Canada. Thank you, Lise for beautiful girl! Wonderful eye color for a lilac! DOB 06/25/19. Lilac Lynx Mitted.

Sire: RW QGC Glassrosens Captain Jack Harkness

Dam: PurrealDolls Spice Girl




RW SGC Gentletouch Voltera

Sire: Arctic Sapphire Jaime Lannister

Dam: CH RainbowRagdolls Jackleen

Voltera is our breeding! DOB 07/29/19. Seal Lynx Bicolor. She earned RW Supreme Grand Champion Title in TICA 2020 show season!


RagdollSEA CreamPuff of Gentletouch

RagdollSea Lady Olivia and My Epic CrackerNuts breeding. DOB 08/15/2020. Cream bicolor.

Gentletouch Sweetheart

Seal Lynx bicolor. DOB 08/16/2022

Sire: Rademenes Ragdesire*PL

Dam: CH RainbowRagdolls Jackleen

Retired from breeding Queens.

Gentletouch Buttercup

blue tortie mitted. DOB 08/24/2022. Retired. Adopted.

Sire: Rademenes Ragdesire*PL

Dam: Gentletouch Sophy

Gentletouch Mercy

DOB 5/12/2022. Mercy is very sweet cat. Adopted .

Gentletouch Uliana

DOB 4/1/2021. Available in May. Please, No other cats home only. $400

Sire: Arctic Sapphire Jaime Lannister

Dam: Ulla Erijadolls

Gentletouch Sophy

DOB 4/12/2020. Blue tortie Colorpoint. Adopted.

Sire: Kaitaro

Dam: Marshmallow

RagdollSEA Peaches of Gentletouch

Blue tortie bicolor. DOB 7/14/19. Adopted.

Sire: Darlinlildols King Kai

Dam: RagdollSEA Lady Olivia


Dimond Dolls Fiona

Fiona is born  from Diamond Dolls April II and O’Malley Dimond Dolls Infinity. DOB 08/21/2021. She is blue bicolor.  Adopted.

Gentletouch Saltina

Saltina is our breeding from Sophy and Artyom. DOB 07/20/2021. She seal tortie Colorpoint. Adopted.

Gentletouch CreamDeLaCream

CreamDeLaCream is our breeding from Peaches and Crackernuts. DOB 07/12/2021. She is flame lynx bicolor. Adopted.

Gentletouch Azira

Azira is our breeding from Tiara and CrackerNuts. DOB 07/10/2020. She has unique (split color) markings on her face, which is make her very special! She is very sweet girl. Adopted.

Gentletouch Marshmallow

Sire: RagdollSEA Kaitaro

Dam: Twinkle Snow von Werbellinsee

Marshmallow is blue point bicolor(true bicolor). We treasure this girl for her extremely blue eye color and bunny like fur, she is Sister of Tiara. DOB 08/09/18. Retired. Adopted.

Ulla Erijadolls* CZ

Sire: Raggtown Hear Me Roar

Dam: Mercy Erijadolls


Ulla came to us from Czech Republic. We flew to Prague to pick her up.  We love this girl.  Perfect purrsonality, she loves to play fetch, very intelligent! She is seal bicolor(HM). DOB 08/03/18. Ulla retired. Adopted.

 RW RagdollSEA Alisa of Gentletouch

Alisa Cream Mitted girl from breeding RagdollSEA Lady Olivia and our boy My Epic CrackerNuts. DOB 04/18/20. Alisa did very good as kitten on the show. She is earn her #5 place internationally among all ragdoll kittens in 2020-2021 season. See link below. We didn’t show her as adult, because the interruption in the show season due to COVID. You can see also there our Cat Gentletouch Voltera #10 among all ragdoll cats being shown this season. Alisa is retired from breeding program. Adopted.


Gentletouch Poppy

Sire: My Epic CrackerNuts

Dam: Twinkle Snow von Werbellinsee

Retired. Adopted.

Gentletouch Mellow

Sire: Ragdollsea Artyom of Gentletouch

Dam: Gentletouch Marshmallow


Gentletouch Tiara

Sire: Ragdollsea Kaitaro

Dam: Twinkle Snow.

Blue bicolor. Adopted

 Twinkle Snow and Caramel Smooch

Gentletouch Annika and Snowflake

Blue bicolor and blue lynx bicolor. Adopted

Echoglen Yakima

Our first female Ragdoll!