Available Ragdoll Kittens

  • We have Ragdoll kittens available. See pictures below.

Burmese boy kitten. 3 months old. Neutered. Reserved

Parents pictures are here https://burmesesea.com/


Voltera and Artyom:  mitted kittens /girls/ born March28.  Adoption end of June.

Lila and Artyom: 4 boys and one girl, born April 7. adoption in July 1.

Sophy and Artyom give birth 4 kittens on April 27. Adoption July 20. $1600

Jackleen and Artyom. 4 mitted boys available DOB May 17. Pictures ready at 4 weeks of age. Jackleen picture can be found on “Photo Gallery” page

Two adult females (spayed), 10 months old. Available. $1400. Grace(Seal Colorpoint)DOB 06/25/21 and Luna(Lilac Lynx Mitted)DOB 07/15/21. Adoption only together, Luna will cry if you separated them. Luna is shy, but sweet when I pet her, Grace is more docile and playful. Two cats for the price of one!


We do not except deposits for bicolor pattern, for mitted and colorpoint deposit is welcome.

In case if my Questionnaire doesn’t work, please send me an email gentletouchr@gmail.com with similar information about yourself, your location and desired color/pattern.

We are limiting visits to only pick up the kittens, when they are ready or even we might delivery your kitten if you are not far away from us(within 60 miles). We will update customers with pictures.

Waiting List with deposit received:

1. Wenxin(Apr1, 2020)blue lynx bicolor

2. Huang(Aug 19) bicolor girl kitten

3. Autumn(aug20) blue bicolor boy kitten

4.  Suie((Nov 24) tortie bicolor kitten

5.  Mingye (Jan 7)bicolor female kit

6. Jacqueline (Jan24) blue, lilac, cream bicolor

7. Lin(Apr4) kitten blue bicolor

8. Zhang M(Apr11) bicolor kitten

9. Sophiah(May2)blue/lilac/cream/flame/ lynx bicolor male

10.  Zimu (May6) seal bicolor male kitten

11.Jewel(May13) bicolor kitten

“On hold” “under evaluation” means decision pending. May or may not become available. “Pre-booked” means deposit paid, viewing pending.  “Reserved” means the kitten has been chosen and deposit received. “Available” means inquiries are welcome.