Available Ragdoll Kittens

Due to COVID-19 outbreak we are limiting visits to only pick up the kittens, when they are ready or even we might delivery your kitten if you are not far away from us. We will update customers with pictures every weekend.

Twinkle + Jaime .  kittens born Feb 3. Adoption approx April 20.

Jackleen and Jaime have kittens. DOB February 12. Adoption approx. April 30

Expecting kittens in April with approximate adoption in in July:

Alexa+Jaime=expecting 50% seal point bicolor and 50% seal lynx point bicolor

Ulla+Jaime=expecting 50% seal point bicolor and 50% seal lynx point bicolor

Marshmallow+CrackerNuts= expecting blue point boys and tortie(blue and cream) girls. Pattern: bicolor, mitted and colorpoint possible

Waiting List with deposit received:

1. Hanchuan( blue bi girl)(Oct 10)

2. Teng(Mar24)- blue bicolor boy

3. Su Ann(mar 31) -bicolor girl

4. Xin(Apr2) blue bi or seal lynx bicolor





“On hold” “under evaluation” means decision pending. May or may not become available. “Pre-booked” means deposit paid, viewing pending.  “Reserved” means the kitten has been chosen and deposit received. “Available” means inquiries are welcome.