Available Ragdoll Kittens

We have Ragdoll kittens!

Peaches and Adam Kittens born 03/20/23. two boys and two blue tortie girls. Girls are Reserved. Adoption in June

CreamPuff and Cappuccino Kittens born 05/05/23. two  cream boys and two seal tortie bicolor girls. Adoption August 1. Pictures are coming

Uliana and Cappuccino Kittens born 05/11/23. One seal Lynx mitted boy, one seal bicolor and one seal lynx bicolor girl. Adoption August

In case if my Questionnaire doesn’t work, please send me an email gentletouchr@gmail.com with similar information about yourself, your location and desired color/pattern.

We are limiting visits to only pick up the kittens in, when they are ready or even we might delivery your kitten if you are not far away from us(within 60 miles). We will update customers with pictures.

Waiting List with deposit received:

1. Suie((Nov 24) tortie bicolor kitten(in Feb or later)

2.  Mingye (Jan 7)bicolor female kitten


“On hold” “under evaluation” means decision pending. May or may not become available. “Pre-booked” means deposit paid, viewing pending.  “Reserved” means the kitten has been chosen and deposit received. “Available” means inquiries are welcome.