Available Ragdoll Kittens



Amelia/Kaitaro. 5 kittens. Blue colorpoint. Adoption around May 8-13.

Amelia/Kaitaro kittens. All reserved. 6.5 weeks on pictures

Caramel/Kaitaro 5 boys and 1 girl, born on March 20. All  pre-booked. Adoption June 9-10

Caramel/Kaitaro pre-booked list:1. MA(m), 2.Xiaobo(m), 3. Jody S(m) 4.Charley*CA(mitted or seal lynx m), 5. Katrina(m-seal)6. Katy(f)

Caramel/Kaitaro Kittens. 4 weeks old on pictures

Snowflake/Kaitaro 5 kittens born on March 25(4 girls and 1 boy). All pre-booked. 2 blue mitted girls, 2 blue lynx mitted girls and 1 blue lynx mitted boy. Pictures coming soon. Adoption June 16-17

Snowflake kittens pre-booked list:1. MA(f). 2.Ginny(f). 3. Myndi(f) 4. Mikhail(f), 5. Margaret(m)

Snowflake/Kaitaro kittens 3 weeks old on pictures


“On hold” “under evaluation” means decision pending. May or may not become available. “Pre-booked” means viewing pending.  “Reserved” means the kitten has been chosen and deposit received. “Available” means inquiries are welcome.

Waiting list(deposit received): Sara(XZ)-(bicolor)2017, Bo Peng(bicolor)Jan 19, Stephanie F(bicolor)Feb 21, Xiaobo M(mitted or bicolor)Mar 02,  Jody S(m)Mar 17, Ginny*(f)Mar 19, Mikhail(f) Apr 08, Katrina(m) Apr 14, Margaret(m) Apr 17.